Descriptive Photos of Our Work

Equipment transport lower car set. Reverse engineer and improve car set design from older unit.


Jerr Dan Industries

12 Cubic Yard Dumpster. Reverse engineer and improve design per customer requirements.


United State Army

Completed equipment transport lower car set.


Oshkosh Corporation

12 Cubic Yard Dumpster. Pre-production Prototype-First Article Review.


United States Army

Equipment Transport Front Car Assembly


Oshkosh Corporation

Offshore tower support platform. Navigational Aid. Made primarily from 20"&10" steel pipe. 16" deck


United States Coast Guard

Automated Truss Stacker Rebuild


Repaired worn areas on truss stacker frames with improved structural components. Replaced bearing with new ones. Repaired/replaced scissor assemblies with new ones. Rebuilt hydraulic cylinders and gearboxes. Reverse engineered new mechanical components where required. 

NVR Building Products, Inc.

Equipment Transport Cart


Equipped with tilting assembly. Completely redesigned unit. Sourced domestically produced air motor and mechanical actuator. New unit designed to support a 14,000 lb. rollback bed for blasting and painting. Shielded mechanical components from blasting shot damage and paint over-spray

Jerr Dan Industires/Oshkosh Corporation.

Mechanical Safety Lock


Customer asked for a safety lock design on existing assembly carts for man-lift assembly line. Prototypes shown in picture. 

Oshkosh Corporation

New Conveyor Design


Completed clean sheet design. Made new drawing set using SolidWorks engineering software. Design consists of (6) individual booms and (3) towers. Total length of design is 240 ft. long. The highest point is 50 ft. Utilized lattice boom design with walkway and commercially available belt rollers. Drawing were PE stamped and supplied to customer.

Weber Lumber


New Cantilever Rack Design


Completed clean sheet design. Made new drawing set using SolidWorks engineering software. Each set is designed to support 14,000 lb. rollback decks per arm set. PE stamped drawing set.

Jerr Dan Industries

Rotary Phase Converter


Designed and built 20 hp rotary phase converter. Unit generates 3 phase power from a single phase source.

Local Machine Shop